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Welcome!! :)

We are actively looking for exceptional students (undergraduate interns, visiting students, Master's & Doctoral programs) at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction, Art, Industrial Design, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. 

Master's program / Doctoral program

We are always looking for passionate students interested in our Master's or Ph.D. program in the School of Design at SUSTech, and eager to work on topics such as interactive systems in the field of HCI. Ideal candidates should have some prior research experience (preferable in the field of HCI) and proven technical capabilities in designing or building interactive systems (e.g., programming, electronics, mechanical design and fabrication, and user studies).

Students are encouraged to apply by initially sending an email directly to Prof.Seungwoo Je, expressing the intention to apply formally. In your email, include links to your CV, design portfolio, personal website, examples of code from your repositories (e.g., a link to GitHub), titles of publications, or any other information that could help us see your potential as a researcher. 

Master's program, please contact me after getting the final result from the official procedure.
- Doctoral program, please contact me before applying for the official procedure.

Undergraduate interns, Visiting students

What do the student researchers do?

They will be dedicated to HCI research projects. Typically, an HCI research project includes defining a research problem, proposing a solution, building a software/hardware interactive system, (multiple) iterations, evaluating the system with users, analyzing data, writing a paper, and more! We hope all student researchers experience the full HCI research cycle with us.  

Sounds very exciting! But am I ready for this?

We take students at *all levels* with *all related backgrounds*, including Industrial Design, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Robotics, etc. 

We are looking for students:

- well-motivated,
- prepared to read *many* papers,
- willing to tackle challenging problems, 
- ready to get their hand dirty: implementing high-fidelity interactive systems and running user studies with real users. 

- ready to collaborate with other researchers

I'm ready!  What are the other conditions?

- We expect all researchers to commit to at least half a year of research with our group (ideally more), including staying for at least one summer or winter (e.g., the semester + the following summer/winter break).

- We expect a *minimum* of 10 hours per week commitment to research during the semester and 30 hours per week during the summer/winter vacation. (Depending on the project, it can be adjusted)

How to apply?

- Please send me an email ( with your CV.

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