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"Immersive Design" Group

We are a research group specialized in making, developing, and designing UX in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). We are in the school of design at SUSTech (Shenzhen, China)

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Seungwoo Je

Director, Assistant Professor

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Haoran Ding, 丁浩然

Master Student

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Qunzhi Jin, 金群植

Visiting Student

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Ji Jiali, 季佳丽

Undergraduate Intern

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Tianze Xie, 解天择

Research Assistant

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Yilong Lin, 林毅龙

Master Student

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Zhao Yong, 赵勇

Undergraduate Intern

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Ye Zi, 叶子

Undergraduate Intern

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Yuxin Ma, 马雨欣

Master Student

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Peng Zhang, 张鹏

Master Student

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Zhou Qijunxiao, 周奇骏骁

Undergraduate Intern


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