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Hi :) I'm Seungwoo Je (제승우), an Assistant Professor at SUSTech School of Design and Director of Immersive Design Group.  |  CV  |  LinkedIn  |  Google scholar

I am actively looking for exceptional students (check this link) / Research Assistants (send me email) at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction, Industrial Design, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. 

If you are interested in working with me, please email me with your CV.

(if you have questions, don't hesitate! :P )


I'm interested in designing at the intersection of human and computer, hardware and software, virtual and real.

My research vision is to enrich and diversify the interaction between users and computers by creating novel experiences with emerging technology. My research involves understanding users in relation to the new types of interfaces, designing appropriate interaction using design methods, and developing unique devices as well as systems.

I am interested in Augmented Human, VR/AR, Haptics, Wearable, Fabrication, Tangible Interaction, and Human-Centered Design. I made publications in several major HCI venues, including ACM CHI, ACM UIST.

I like working with people in various fields. So, my research is very multidisciplinary, as seen in my collaborative work with Industrial Design, Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences, Architecture, and Aerospace departments from various institutions such as the University of Chicago, Dartmouth College, Microsoft Research, etc.

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