Seungwoo Je

Hello, my name is Seungwoo Je.

I am a PhD. candidate at KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) industrial design. I am an active member of MAKinteract Lab, and we’re part of the bigger HCI@KAIST group.

I live with lovely two cats. I love to chat with good people. :) | CV | Google scholar


I am Human-Computer Interaction researcher.

My vision is to enrich and diversify the interaction between the user and the computer by creating novel experiences with emerging technology. My research involves developing novel devices and systems, understanding users in relation to the new types of interfaces, and suggesting appropriate interaction through the design process with the stakeholders.

I am interested in the VR/AR, Haptics, Wearable, Fabrication, Tangible Interaction, and User-Centered Design. I made publications in several major HCI venues, including CHI, UIST, ISWC.

I like working with people in various fields. So, my research is very multidisciplinary, as seen in my collaborative work with Industrial Design, Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences, Architecture, Aerospace departments.

Selected Publications

Aero-plane: a Handheld Force-Feedback Device that Renders Weight Motion Illusion on a Virtual 2D Plane

Seungwoo Je, Myung Jin Kim, Woojin Lee, Byungjoo Lee, Xing-Dong Yang, Pedro Lopes, Andrea Bianchi

In Proceedings of UIST 2019, 10 pages.

[doi] | [Paper] | [Video]

PokeRing: Notifications by Poking Around the Finger

Seungwoo Je, Minkyeong Lee, Yoonji Kim, Liwei Chan, Xing-Dong Yang, Andrea Bianchi

In Proceedings of CHI 2018, 8 pages.

[doi] | [Paper] | [Video]

tactoRing: A Skin-Drag Discrete Display

Seungwoo Je, Brendan Rooney, Liwei Chan, Andrea Bianchi

In Proceedings of CHI 2017, 7 pages.

[doi] | [Paper] | [Video]


Academic Service

Selected as Reviewer

ACM CHI 2019, 2020, ACM UIST 2019, 2020, ACM DIS 2018, 2020 ACM TEI 2017, 2020, ACM MobileHCI 2020, ACM ISWC 2018, 2020, ACM VRST 2020, IEEE WHC 2019, Eurohaptics 2018, ACM SIGGRAPH Asia E-tech 2019, ACM CHI PLAY 2019, IEEE VR 2020

International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 2019, 2020, IEEE Transactions on Haptics 2019


ACM ISS 2019 Poster Committee

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Please see my CV for patents and other achievement.

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